Since 2006, the Feminist Group of YUVA runs the Young Women Development Center in central Baku with support from the Kvinna till Kvinna foundation. This is an important meeting place and resource for the active young girls, with internet connection and the other facilities needed to work with YUVA:s projects. From October 2010, the YWDC  shares it’s venues with the new Youth Center, Gencler Faeliyyetine Destek Merkezi, also a project by YUVA, funded by the Soros Foundation. The YC is a space and resource center for all youth of Azerbaijan.

Other projects and activities:


  • Combating Gender Based Violence: Within the UNFPA:s program “Combating Gender Based Violence in Azerbaijan“, YUVA has conducted a series of trainings for young girls to raise their awareness on this issue and their rights. Approximatley 600 girls, 13-18 years old, has so far participated in the educational sessions.
  • Feminist Summer School and the founding of South Caucasus Feminist Initiative: Seven girls from Azerbaijan participated in the summer school in Batumi, arranged by the Georgian organisation Women´s Political Resource Center. The outcome was a new group of interested members for Yuva and the feminist network that aims to bring together the efforts of Caucasian feminist activists. For more information, contact Rena Tahirova, renayuva(at), or Lika Nadaraia, femclub(at)
  • Transparent Education Network: Yuva is the Azerbaijani partner in this USAID financed regional network for transparency and students rights in higher education, since 2009. The continuation of the project for 2010-2011 is now under development and a new core-group of students is being established. Contact: Togrul Alakbarov, togrul_a_r(at)
  • Raising awareness of the rights for social support, in the region of Quba: Information about the right to state provided social support has been brought to the region, with seminars, open door consultations and the production of easy-to-understand booklets on the laws. A second phase of this project is now being prepared. Contact: Rena Tahirova, renayuva(at)
  • South Caucasus network for Sustainable Development: This project is a development of the Model for the South Caucasus Parliament, and a collaboration with “Movement for Future”, the initiative group from Georgia and “Millennium” Association for Education and Research from Armenia. The aim is to create a regional network with a strong organisational structure, that will be capable of monitoring future projects and educational programmes on sustainable development in the South Caucasus. The project, financed by Canadian Embassy in Ankara, is now in its first phase, and the selection of motivated young people for the board is soon to be conducted in each participating country by respective partner organization. For more information, contact Rena Tahirova: renayuva(at)

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