A selection of completed projects:

Apart from the long-term Young Women Development Center, Yuva has conducted a series of finished projects. This is a selection of projects from the last years.


  • Living Bridges: In this project, 30 young women from Sweden, Finland, Azerbaijan and Armenia came together in the Åland Islands in Finland to explore a feminist perspective of intercultural dialogue and conflict resolution in youth work. The Åland example on conflict resolution, as a disputed region between Finland and Sweden, was one starting point, as well as the experiences of the Caucasian girls. The purpose with the joint training was to deepen and develop contacts internally in the regions, to encourage active citizenship and promote mutual understanding and tolerance.  The aim was also to build a base of social and professional ties between the Nordic countries and the Southern Caucasus. Partners in this project, conducted through the EU Youth in Action programme, was the Åland Islands Peace Institute and the Women´s Lobby of Mälardalen. More information: Summarizing report from ÅIPI.
  • Transparent Education Network, part 1: As the Azerbaijani partner in this regional network supported by USAID, Yuva has implemented a range of activities against corruption in higher education. An important task has been to involve the students in this work, which has been done in collaboration with the students organisations AEGEE-Baki and Youth Activity Support Center.   A core group of 25 students was established and educated in the field of corruption and it´s consequences. The core-group, with members from different state universities, were then to spread the interest among other students. A series of round-table discussions with experts from the private sector were arranged, to add this dimension to the problem. In addition, Yuva and the core group developed a draft of a “Code of Conduct” for both students and universities. The implementation of the Code of Conduct is to be continued in the projects second phase, see Projects 2010.
  • Job-shadowing, Simone and Yuva: The project was a professional and cultural exchange between the Swedish organisation Frizonen Simone and Yuva Humanitarian Center. Two girls from Azerbaijan visited Simone in Gothenburg to study their work as a feminist center for young girls, and their activities for empowerment and gender equality. The participants from Yuva contributed with their experiences and knowledge about the situation for women in Azerbaijan. The ten days visit also included meeting with several local partners of Simone, for example the organisation Män för jämställdhet, an organisation for men combating violence against women.


  • Girls Speak-Out : The project aimed to raise young girls awareness on gender-related topics a nd to encourage them to initiate public actions. A three days workshop brought together 30 young women and girls from different parts of Azerbaijan to discuss and develop strategies, on how to stand up for their rights and to combat gender inequality. As a symbolic action, Yuva arranged a car rally with these girls as drivers, from Baku to Shaki, where they met with local girls. A travelling exhibition on gender equality also came along, making it the first national exhibition on women´s rights

Trainings for Trainers, South Caucasus Parliament Model: The project aimed at generating interest in politics among the young people in the South Caucasus, as well as bringing up a generation of dedicated leaders who would contribute to the democracy in the South Caucasus. Yuva conducted Trainings of Trainers for young people from all the three countries, that was designed to be implemented within the larger framework of the Model Caucasus Parliament. See also Projects 2010. For more information, contact Rena Tahirova: renayuva(at)

Survey on the situation for young women in Azerbaijan: The survey was part of a initiative from the Young Women´s Network of South Caucasus, and it aimed to assess the needs for girls in the region. 700 respondants between 15 and 30 years old answered questions on their future plans, dreams and percieved possibilities, as well as perceptions on society. The results from Azerbaijan were shared with the network in Odessa in 2008, and are soon (2010) to be published in a book-let. For more information and access to the survey, contact Aynur Nabiyeva, nabiyeva88(at)

Young Women´s Network of South Caucasus: Yuva is the Azerbaijani partner in this network for young womens organisations in South Caucasus, established in 2007. The network has had joint meetings in Istanbul, Odessa and Sweden, and initiated a regional survey on the situation for young women. Yuva published the Azerbaijani contribution in 2008, see above.

Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE): As part of the European campaign against discriminatio n and racism, Yuva and the Garabagh Cement company arranged a football match at the Children’s Sports School in the Sahil Settlement, in Garadagh District. The sports school is free of charge and open to all children in the community. The football event, speeches and a workshop for the children was an efficient way to promote non-discrimination and tolerance both for the children and in the community as a whole.



Promoting women´s participation in decision making processes: The aim of the project was to increase women’s activity in the decision making process in their local communites, specifically regarding socio-economic decisions. The project also aimed to improve the leadership skills of the participants and promote the womens role in the social and economic life. Information sessions for women, on leadership and the importance of women’s participation in society were held in Quba, Lenkaran and Ganja regions, as well as public sessions on the same subject, with the participation of local municipalities.

“Why the violence against the women must be ended” International seminar in cooperation with “Shams” Young Women Center, Baku, May.

Monitoring of religious topic in Azerbaijan mass media Donor: Eurasia Partnership Foundation/USAID, Azerbaijan

Community development initiative for IDP and refugees in Pirshkul settlement: Donor: NGO Council, Azerbaijan Government funding



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