Stop Sexual Harassment!

7 May


Despite improvements in education and increasing modernization, there’s still something missing in our country. 21st century, the countries and societies became modern, but still there is some points of life where we can’t see that modernization. The common image in many countries is one of alienation–people not even glancing each other as they make their way along crowded streets in impersonal cities. We can summarize modern life with the phrase “each man for himself.” Just modern human just interested its own life, rather than others. However, the attitude among Azerbaijanis does not follow this model and is by and large different with, of course, some exceptions.


However, the attitude among Azerbaijanis does not follow this model on the contrary totally different from this model, of course with some exceptions. How can you be so rude towards a person that you don’t even know the name and to the woman whom you don’t know at all. Everyone lives their own life as they want. Interact so casually with a girl you do not even know personally. Sometimes you can even be proud of such behaviour. Indeed, in modern period this attitude seems ridiculously anachronistic.It is ridiculous that in Azerbaijan a woman cannot go wherever she wants without fear. Everyone lives their own life as they want.Occasionally men claim such these attitudes are “provoked by women’s dress style” or “they invite attention to themselves”. Such notions can never be justified. Each person has the right to choose their own style of dress and the insinuations of others is absolutely absurd. Maybe, one girl’s style can be too  sexy for the society, however it  is no excuse for insulting her.


Sexual harassment is defined as an act of  physical,  psychological,  sexual harm, or torture directed towards women that also restricts their role in the social and personal life. Thus, the relation of subordination based on sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. One of the important criteria is the use of aggression against the desired object as well as verbal abuse. We should also note it is not necessary to be a desired object to be a victim of sexual harassment.


Sexual harassment may comprise any of the following:


• Unwanted sexual propositions in the form of job offers as well as any verbal or physical behavior that conduces to a hostile work environment.


• Sexual coercion by someone of a higher status in a workplace accompanied by threats to the  victim’s livelihood and sometimes her physical wellbeing.


• Uninvited sexual advances towards a colleague at the workplace.


• Creating uncomfortable atmosphere with jokes, comments, or pornographic material.


As we women are have been taught to be fearful of patriarchal society, we find it difficult to stand up for women’s human rights.


Standing up against popular perceptions we can work towards solutions to such issues with firm conviction. Ideas in society are firmly entrenched, however we should persevere in order to evolve. In a time when everyone should be responsible for himself, we  will never be able to protect our women human rights if we continue to be influenced by others. That is why our feelings are of more value than the opinion of  the community.  For this reason first of all we should know our rights.


In Azerbaijan Legislation exists laws prohibiting sexual harassment:


Article 150: Sexual violence


Article 151: Forcing to sexual behaviors


By knowing our rights we can outreach all the difficulties which we are compelling for the better and happy future.




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