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Girl Group leaders wanted!

14 Sep

YUVA Humanitar Merkezi calls:

Baku, October – December 2010

Following the Nordic Girl Group concept, YUVA Humanitarian Center will in the autumn of 2010 form discussion groups for teenage girls in Baku, as an attempt to create such space. The Girl Group method strives to give young girls the opportunity to come together on their own terms, and it provides the girls a space to display their point of view, where they can be accepted and respected for who they are.


About the Girl Group Method:

The Nordic Girl Group method has been developed in the Nordic countries as a way to combat gender inequality, through empowering young girls. By exposing the connections between gender, sexuality and power, the girl group encourages girls to question gender stereotypes and enables the participants to make their own life choices based on knowledge, individual values and beliefs.

A Girl Group (GG) consists of 6-8 teenage girls, who gather on a regular basis under the guidance of two female facilitators. The main emphasis lies on discussions, where the participants are encouraged to formulate and speak out on their own opinions and thoughts. The topics of discussion can be everything between self-confidence and identity, dreams about the future, discrimination and gender, family and friends, love and relationships, media and norms of beauty to the meaning of life. The GG also strives to strengthen the loyalty and solidarity between the girls, stretching out to the community as a whole. The message is to support one another, instead of acting as competitors in society.

Terms of References for Girl Group Facilitators:

Description of Tasks:

As a facilitator, you will first participate in a 3 day training, where the purpose and ethical guidelines for the GG are discussed, as well as leadership, working methods and tools and potential topics for discussions. The training will provide you with material on suggested topics and exercises connected to these, but an important part of the training is also to discuss how the GG material can be used in the Azerbaijani context, and bring up new ideas. The activities and discussion topics of the GG may also be adjusted further on together with the GG participants.During the GG activities, you will have continuous support and debriefings with the project manager on your progress.

The GG leaders will work in pairs, with responsibility for one GG, consisting of 6-8 girls, aged 14-16. First step is to together with the project manager get in contact with local communities and schools, where the group sessions can be held and where we together can find the participants.

When the group is formed, you will meet for approximately two hours once a week, each time with a different theme. You and your colleague will plan the content in advance, with the input from your participants. You will also do a follow-up documentation and evaluation of each session, that you report to the project manager. The number of meetings with the GG may vary – but the project will end with a final evaluation in December.

This evaluation report is the final important task of the GG facilitators, where you should both summarize experiences and thoughts from your GG participants (anonymously) on the relevant themes, and evaluate the used methods and topics. The purpose of this double-sided report is to create a useful information resource on the expressed perceptions of life and needs of Azerbaijani teen age girls, as well as to facilitate future Girl Group projects in Azerbaijan.

As a Girl Group facilitator you work as a volonteer, but you will get paid back in new ideas, thoughts, memories and friends. You will also get useful experience of leadership, project planning and evaluation.
A proper knowledge of English is needed to participate in the training and reading the GG method materials, but the GG sessions will be held in Azerbaijani language.

Previous experience of gender or youth work is positive but not obligatory.


Send in your letter of interest, or questions, to YUVA Humanitarian Center, project initiate Hanna Bäckström: backstrom.hanna(at)

Please include a short presentation of yourself, your experiences from gender and/or youth work, and why you are interested in this project.

Aspirants will be called to interviews continuously, so send in your interest as soon as possible.


This is primarily a pilot for implementing the GG method in Azerbaijan – but the need for Boy Group is just as important and male facilitators may well be needed in the future. Send an e-mail to the address above if you are interested.